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New!  Free Flash Training, Free Photoshop Training, Free FrontPage Training, Free Dreamweaver Training - These are the first four of many new 'single topic' free training pages that we are making available to you. For each subject, they feature all the best Free Training and learning material available on the web today. Learn all the latest tips and techniques on using these powerful web site tools.
New!  Java and Javascript Programming Tutorials - Dick Baldwin's Online Java and JavaScript tutorial lessons are designed to teach you how to program in Java and JavaScript. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced programming tutorial courses on Java are available, as are tutorials on XML and Python. Some of these are available as downloads. This is an excellent free training site.
New!  W3Schools Online Web Tutorials - Completely Free web based e-learning. At W3Schools, you can study at your own speed, everything you need to learn, in a short and handy format. Inside you will find step-by-step tutorials with lots of cut-and-paste examples. With their on-line html editor you can test your skills, and prepare yourself for professional work. Areas covered include Flash, XML, XSL, DTYD, DOM, SOAP, DHTML, HTML, CSS, VBScript, JavaScript, WMLScript, ASP, ADO, SQL, and Graphics.
New!  Web Developers Virtual Library: WebWare - WDVL is an free training provider giving you tutorials and resources for Java, HTML, Javascript, CGI, DHTML, XML, Perl, Web Design and Domain Name. This is an excellent all free training site for all the latest web development technologies.
New!  Intelsys Education Online - All Level 1 Online IT Courses are offered Free of cost by this Indian training provider. Intelsys' objective is to create skilled resources for the various software exporting companies, operating from India in the emerging technologies market. They offer: Course curriculum designed by international software experts; Faculty composed of international software managers and experts; 3) Exposure to live software projects; and 4) Exciting career options in the emerging technologies market.
New!  Five Free XML Courses from IBM - The XML content zone on the IBM developerWorks Web site is designed for XML developers. You'll find tools, samples, standards information, education resources, news and events, and links to the major XML community forums. Here are the 5 free online XML Courses they offer: Introduction to XML, Transforming XML Documents, XML for Programmers, XML Programming in Java, and XML Tutorial.
New! - Free Oracle lessons giving you a good background on some of the material you need to know for the OCP certification. This site is a work in progress, so back later to see if more free lessons have been added. Here are the lessons: Free Oracle DBA Lessons, OCP Exam 1 Practice Questions
Free PL/SQL Lessons, and Free SQL Plus Lessons. They also have 18 free Java lessons, Java Tips, 22 free Javascript lessons, and Javascript Tips.
New!  Linux Fundamentals Course from - Fortuitous Technologies has recently made their Linux Fundamentals course curriculum available for Free to everyone . They hope their training material will be beneficial to trainers and companies alike who seek high quality course materials for Linux. You will need a postscript viewer for this course, go here to download Ghost Viewer to view and print .ps files. 
New!  jGuru Self-Paced Courses - jGuru presents in-depth online courses on Java software development. Each course takes you step-by-step through developing your own software and includes course notes and exercises with sample code. 
New!  C++ Course from Thinkquest - This tutorial is targeted primarily at people who already have a decent knowledge of Pascal, a simple language designed to teach computer programming concepts. They go over everything you'll need to transfer all of your skills in Pascal (or any similar language) right over to C++. 
New!  Router University - Five Free online courses for candidates aspiring for their Cisco certifications, including great practice labs and an amazing Router Simulator to help you learn. Free Courses include: Interconnecting Network Devices (CCNA Exam), Building Scalable Networks (Routing 2.0 Exam), Expert Router Configuration (CCIE Lab), Expert ISP Router Config (CCIE ISP), and Router Racks for routers to practice on. Also check out their sister site, Boson Software, offering 22 free study guides for many of the Cisco certifications. They also give you free utilities, practice labs, and free demos of their practice tests with 12 questions each for many of the major IT certifications, including Cisco, Microsoft, Novell, Lotus, and Oracle.
Free Online E-Business & E-Commerce Courses and Tutorials - This gateway page from describes and links the best Free E-Business and E-Commerce training and tutorial sites on the web today.
Free IT training courses from CodeWarriorU - You can take the following Free IT Training courses at CodeWarriorU's website (free registration required):
 - Introduction to Java: Try some cool applications of the web's hottest programming language.
 - Introduction to C++: This course will teach you everything you need to know to start creating your own application in C++ today.
 - Intermediate C++: This course provides you with the foundation knowledge you need to begin writing serious C++ applications. Learn Online - Online Internet-based learning resources - Free courses in C Programming, Web Page Design , Javascript, Perl , ASP, etc. Courses with optional personal tutor service for a small fee. Free courses are delivered via email and tutorial newsletters.
iLearn.To Online Training - Just-in-Time eLearning Portal - An online e-learning portal providing free online training ranging from IT technical MCSE, MOUS, and management training. They have 10 online free demo courses: UNIX, SQL, Cisco, Oracle, Visual Basic, Exchange Server, SQL Server, TCP/IP Networking Essentials, Windows NT Server, Dynamic HTML, Photoshop, and JAVA. Log in with User ID: "demo-web" and Password: "student".
WK Multimedia Network Training - Internetworking training developer provides Free Wireless, DSL, SSL, Cryptoraphy, Security, and LAN/WAN Tutorials with Shockwave interaction, a reference library and streaming audio commentary. You can also find many excellent web resources with links at this site. - Free Tutorials, Resources, Tools, and Documentation on HTML, Javascript, Flash, Java Applets and more. Here are some of their tutorial courses:
 - Javascript Tutorial   - Flash Tutorial   - Java Applet Tutorial   - HTML Tutorial
Free Oracle Server Courseware - Animated Learning offers free, unlimited access to the following novice-level sections of their courseware to help you start learning about Oracle's database server: Get Started - Learn how to install and start using Oracle8i on Windows 98/NT/2000 or Linux Oracle Fundamentals - Learn the basic concepts, terminology, and skills that you will need to support more advanced training about Oracle application development and Oracle database administration.
Gurukulonline's Free Courses - An Indian eLearning portal for the IT industry, offers both free and fee-based online e-learning courses. Their free courses include Java Certification Guide, Java JDBC, Java RMI, Java Server Pages, Enterprise Java Beans, XML, and Introduction to WAP.
4 Free 1-hour Courses from QA eLearning - Take any of these Free one hour modules: Java 2 Fundamentals II, Linux/Unix Network Administration II, MS Excel 2000 Fundamentals, and E-Commerce Fundamentals. This training provider is one of Europe's leading IT training companies. Each sample course has a duration of one hour and is free.
Free Courses from The Technical Professional Power Guides - Designed with today's 'techies' in mind, these are all brand new, Free Courses, written from the beginning to use the power and flexibility of the Internet to deliver the latest essential soft-skills training for technical professionals in the most flexible, user-friendly way. Courses include "The Techies Guide to...": Change Management, Decision Making, Interpersonal Skills, Managing the Younger Generation, Team Building, and Time Management. Free registration is required.
Dan Keller Technical Services - Dan Keller Technical Services has made all of the material for most of their IT and professional training courses freely available over the web. These are excellent and well written courses which they call 'Accelerated Technical Training'. Here are the courses they make freely available: Hands On XML Course, Perl Jumpstart, CGI Scripting with Perl, Advanced Perl, Java Jumpstart, Javascript for Programmers, Using Databases on the Web, HTML Authoring for the Web, Part II, and Thinking in Objects. - Each Technology Guide at presents a focused technology topic in practical, objective, and understandable terms. This site is a great IT resource, providing how-to advice and strategic insight to guide IT and business professionals in technology project planning and decision-making. All the Guides may be viewed and printed at no charge. Their site map lists all the subjects covered, which is quite a lot:
Understanding the Development of Enterprise JavaBeans Development - This four-part online tutorial course introduces Enterprise JavaBeans, explaining the technology within the context of Sun's specification for Enterprise JavaBeans, Java 2 Enterprise Edition, and supporting technologies like CORBA, RMI and more. The tutorial features an example of how to develop an application using EJB. The course is broken out into four easy-to-follow Modules: 1) Introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans, 2) Enterprise Beans: Session Beans and Entity Beans, 3) Developing and Enterprise JavaBean Application, and 4) Supporting Enterprise JavaBeans Technologies. Also, Free Web Seminars are archived. Free registration is required on this site.
NetVarsity - Free courses are available on this website: Using Outlook, Designing Web Pages, Using Active Server Pages, Maintaining your PC Part 2, MS Visual Basic 6.0-COM components, Introducing SQL Server Architecture, Introduction to Java 2, Getting Started with Java Libraries, Networking Fundamentals, VB 6.0 Programming Fundamentals, Installing and Configuring SQL Server, and Understanding Internet Security. (Free registration required.)
BlueU e-Learning - Try these Free Sample Courses from BlueU e-Learning: E-Commerce Fundamentals, Java 2 Fundamentals II, Linux/UNIX Network Administration II, Project Management, and Call Center Communications Skills. Click on the 'Try a Free Course' on the right margin of the home page. Computer Based Training - You can take many demos of their computer courses for Free, from basic courses on using software, to high level certification training for MCSE, CNE, Cisco, and A+ - also free are Java and C++ Programming, Oracle 8, Unix Foundations, Visual Basic, Visual C++, and MCSD. Here is their Free Demo page. Here is their New Free MCSE Windows 2000 Course. They also offer free test preparation demos for all the major IT certifications. This site is a previous Free Site of the Month selection.
Barnes and Noble University - From their Technology Campus, you can enroll in any of their courses for Free. After free registration, you'll have access to their online classrooms and message boards, plus you'll get the opportunity to learn from great instructors as well as interact with your online classmates. Courses include: Introduction to Programming, Introduction to C++, Intermediate C++, Introduction to XML, Web Site Design and Management, Adobe Photoshop Basics, Advanced Adobe Photoshop, and Beginning Macromedia Flash Web Animation.
UserActive Learning - Go to the middle of the page and click on the link that says 'Check out the Learning Sandbox' under subheading 'Public Self Help Tutorials'. Free Online training in Web Programming - simply click on the topic you want to learn and begin learning web programming skills by playing with web programming online. Learning labs available: HTML, JavaScript, DHTML & StyleSheets, CGI & PERL, UNIX, PHP, coming soon: CGI and C++, SQL (MySQL), ASP, Java Applet Building, Java Servlet Applicatons. They have everything: An online Editor, Tutorials, Personal Help, CGI bin, Domain registration and more.
Strategic Technology Training - Offers world class object oriented seminars. Click on 'Actual Seminars' link to get to their online seminars in pdf format. Seminars include Java For Non C Programmners, Java For C++ Programmers, MT Programming, OO Analysis, OO Design, Managing OO Development, and Standard Template Library.
Dotcomma - A range from beginning to advanced programming tutorials in a variety of languages: C/C++, Perl, CGI, Assembly, Java, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Databases, Python, Shell Scripting, XML, Object Oriented Programming. - Online training that everyone can afford - Free. Everything is offered: Programming, Internet, Databases, Unix, Microsoft, Lotus, and Macintosh.
Lifelong Learning on the World Wide Web - Self study courses such as C Programming, Pascal Programming, Data Communications, Data Structures, Hardware Fundamentals and Systems, Networks, Internet, Unix, and Windows 2000.
Netizen courses (Unix, Perl, CGI, Web SQL Database) - Courses consist of 1 day modules grouped together by type, all are free. - Offers free computer courses, use their search function to find the course topics you're looking for. With these courses, you receive instruction from a teacher for free! Categories and total number of free courses: Desktop Applications (20), Desktop Publishing (3), Hardware (3), Information Systems Management (14), Internet (2), Multimedia (10), Networking (7), Programming Languages (12), System Administration (3), and Technical Support (2). This is our current Free Site of the Month.
Alberta Distance Learning Center - This site offers Free Online Computer Programming Courses (targeted to high-school seniors). Online courses include: Information Processing, Computer Programming 1, Computer Programming 2, Computer Programming 3, and Computer Programming 4.
Linux University - Take free courses from 3 tracks: Developer, Admin and User. Courses include: C, C++, Perl, GTK, Security, TCP/IP Introduction, Configuring Sendmail and NIS, KDE, Gnome, Gimp and Bash.
Linux Training - Free Linux Training Materials and Linux Training Courses. A Complete Linux Systems Training Course is available for download.
Introduction to GNU/Linux - This is the Introduction to GNU/Linux Course. This page has been set up as the primary distribution point for this and (soon to be) many other courses based in the instruction of Linux.
Basic Linux Training - This is a free online course for those without any knowledge of Unix or programming. The 16 lessons are designed to be used with virtually any Linux textbook, and are self-paced. This course is free, but requires registration. You will need a text book and a Linux distribution - both of which you can obtain online for free.
Sair Linux and GNU Certification Resources - All of the free support material, study guides, and sample exams for the Linux/Gnu Certification exams are available at this site.
Linux Documentation Project - Books, Guides, How To, Man Pages, FAQS, and the Linux Gazette. The Linux Documentation Project (LDP) is working on developing good, reliable documentation for the Linux operating system. The overall goal of the LDP is to collaborate in taking care of all of the issues of Linux documentation, ranging from online documentation (man pages, HTML, and so on) to printed manuals covering topics such as installing, using, and running Linux. (See category 2 for description of each guide.)
Aavailable Linux Guides and How Tos:
  - Linux User's Guide     - The Linux Programmer's Guide
  - Linux Installation and Getting Started    - Linux System Administrator's Guide
  - Linux System Administration Made Easy    - Linux Administrator's Security Guide
  - The Network Administrator's Guide
  - Linux How Tos     - Mini Linux How Tos
Introduction to Web Programming - These labs will introduce you to Web Programming. The first lab requires you to understand conformance for web pages, and, if necessary, introduces the basics of HTML and page creation. Later labs introduce forms, and CGI scripts using Perl and JavaScript as well as Java, Dynamic HTML, SGML and XML. Also available at this site is a C++ Seminar with CGI.
CGI Programming 101- This free class is intended for anyone who knows HTML, but doesn't know Perl or CGI programming (and maybe doesn't know any programming at all). The goal here is to introduce you to writing Perl CGI scripts, teach you the basics of writing CGI's, and walk you through several examples of common CGI programming applications for the Web. Included is the new chapter on Password Protection - it is expanded from the appendix that's in the original book.
HTML Tips, Tools, and Helpware for the Cybercommunity - This is a very good web site design tutorial site from
Website Design Tutorial - Contains advance features such as accepting credit cards and doing multimedia on your web site, from HTML Tutorials - Beginning to advanced HTML tutorials, covering Javascript, CGI forms, style sheets, and multimedia.
HTML Goodies - This is one of the best HTML tutorial web sites around. It covers everything, from beginner stuff to the webmaster expert areas such as style sheets, DHTML, and CGI scripting.
Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing - This is an excellent training, tutorial and how-to book on what it takes to create great web sites.
Yale Web Style Manual - This website style manual was developed as an outgrowth of their own web development projects, reflecting their attempts to apply some of the lessons learned in twelve years of multimedia software design, graphic interface design, and book design to the new medium of web pages and site design. .
Training Tools - Free Online Tutorials in the following areas: Flash 5, Fireworks 3, Flash 4 Scripting, Dreamweaver 3, Dreamweaver 2.0, Miva Merchant, MivaScript, JavaScript, HTML, HoTMetaL PRO 6.0, FrontPage 2000, FrontPage 98, PhotoShop 5.5 for the Web, and Intranet Deployment. 
The Online Netskills Interactive Course - This is a course of instruction on using the Internet, an easy-to-understand, structured course, offering step-by-step, practical guidance on major Internet topics, ranging from basic through to advanced. The course as a whole is intended for beginners to networking, who have some familiarity with computers.
Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia -  A readable and useful reference to the technical operation of the Internet, containing: the Five-part Programmed Instruction Course of how the internet works, 100+ Internet engineering essays, and Every RFC ever published (internet related "request for comments").
DevCentral Learning Center - A collection of high quality training materials for beginner and advanced programmers alike. The Center includes tutorials, question and answer forums, source code examples, and recommended books.
Here are some of the Tutorials:
  - Understanding C++, An Accelerated Introduction
  - The SST C++ Class Hierarchy
  - Introduction to C Programming
  - Introduction to Javascript
  - Introduction to Java
  - A Quick Introduction to Perl
  - Networking Basics 
  - Introduction to Motif Application Development
  - Postscript Programming
Intel's Channel Online Learning Center - Free computer technology courses are offered, including those focused on Intel technology, products and services, as well as sales courses and prerequisites for Intel's Certification Program. Courses include: Introduction to the Pentium III Processor, Fundamentals of Networking Technology, Fundamentals of Ethernet Technology, WAN Solutions, and Platform Integration. Also, all the latest technical information on Intel products is available online at Intel's Literature Center.
Free IBM PC Training - The IBM PC Institute provides education designed to help sales, technical and service professionals build their skills on IBM Personal Computer solutions. Free courses include: PC Architecture Internet Training; PC Basics; Cluster Fundamentals; IBM Netfinity Server Technical Overview; IBM Netfinity Server Overview for Solution Developers; Linux Overview: What is it? Who's using it? And Why?; IBM Deskop Systems; e-business for Small Business. Here are all their online courses and their technical server courses, some are not free.
19 Free Online Java Courses by IBM - These are great Free, online Java training courses. Here are links to five of them:
  - Introduction to Java Beans:  teaches Java bean concepts, and provides an overview of what Java beans are, why you would use them, and the characteristics of Java beans.
  - Introduction to Enterprise Java Beans: In this online course, you'll find out what EJBs are, see what led to the creation of EJBs, learn a little about their use, and find out if your application or system could benefit from EJBs.
  - Building a Java Applet: this course walks you through the task of building a graphical Java applet. Along the way, you will learn Java syntax and work with Java class libraries.
  - Introduction to Java Server Pages: this lecture covers key aspects of Java Server Pages (JSPs), servlets, JavaBeans, and syntax.
  - Introduction to Java for C and C++ Programmers: This Java course is designed for developers experienced in C and C++ programming. This Java course is designed for developers experienced in C and C++ programming.
This site is a previous Free Site of the Month.
Free Training from Compaq - Self-study and web-based training from Compaq covering these areas: Industry-Standard Servers: Fault-Resilient Hardware, Novell High Availability Server, ProLiant Server Family, System Technologies WBT; Alphaservers: 800, 1000A and 1200, 4000/4100, 8200/8400, DS10/DS20, ES40, and GS Series; Prosignia Training; Storageworks: Fibre Channel Solutions, Full-Line Technical WBT, RAID Array 4000/8000/12000, UltraSCSI Solutions; Workstations; Clustering Products; Digital Clusters for Windows NT, TruClusters; Systems Management: Compaq Insight Manager, Insight Manager XE, Web-Based Enterprise Management; Operating Systems: Tru64 UNIX, Open VMS, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional; and Messaging and Collaboration.
3Com Learning Center - For free and timely courses from 3Com on these topics: Networking Basics, Connecting Your Business to the Internet, Planning a Small Business Network 1 & 2, Expanding Your Network Beyond the Office Walls, Understanding High Speed Internet Access Options for Business, The Basics for Securing Your Business Network, Protecting Your Network with Firewalls. 3Com's White Papers also train you on many areas of computer networking, such as ATM, Cable Networking, E-Business Applications, Ethernet, High Availability Networks, Network Management, Remote Access, Security, Switching, VPN, and Wireless Networks.
HP Training and Education - HP offers these 5 Free Java Courses and also these Free Linux Demo Courses. They also offer these 2 freebies: HP-UX Certified IT Professional Practice Test: this practice test helps you diagnose your skill level and prepare you to take the HP-UX Certification Exam #3HO-002 offered by Sylvan Prometric Testing; and Certification Prep for HP OpenView Network Node Manager: a 2 hour online instructor-led seminar to prepare for HP's NNM certification exams, several free self-paced courses are also offered in this topic. Select from these areas for self-paced online training: HP-UX, Microsoft, Linux, Open View, Java, Printing and Imaging, and E Services.
Free Courseware from Appdev - Offers Free New Stuff courses which are tutorials that consists of 5-7 chapters or about 100 pages of explanation, illustration, and examples. Free tutorials include: Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C++ 6.0, Visual InterDev 6.0, Using SQL Server and Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro and SQL Server, Visual Studio Enterprise Edition Tools, Building Components with Visual FoxPro 6.0, Developing Office 97 Applications Using VBA, and Office 2000.
Free Microsoft Developer Training for Windows 2000 - Microsoft has two new courses designed to help developers write applications that comply with the Application Specification for Windows 2000. Both courses will teach you how to integrate applications with Active Directory and how to use Group Policies. Two free courses are offered online: Building Solutions for Microsoft Windows 2000 with Visual C++ and Building Solutions for Microsoft Windows 2000 with Visual Basic.
MSDN Online Training - View a Seminar - Online seminars from Microsoft feature training presentations, interactive tutorials, and ongoing opportunities to learn more from the experts about developing with Microsoft technologies. Includes product overviews and technical how-tos. Topics include: Exchange 2000 Server, Developer Tools & Languages, Graphics & Multimedia, Networking & Protocols, Web Development. Here are the Free SQL Server 2000 Seminars:
New!  Microsoft Technet Support WebCasts - Tune in and watch live presentations given by Microsoft Support professionals, and participate in live Q&A sessions following each presentation. You can also view past Support WebCasts.
New!  Microsoft Technet Events Archive and Related Information - Watch a Windows Media presentation, or an Online Seminar. Check out the Power Point slides, or a white paper for reference or as training tools. Topics include: Windows, BackOffice, Exchange, IIS, Site Server/Commerce, Case Studies, Office, SMS, and SQL.
Free Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Visual J++ Projects - MSDN Online Student Projects are designed to give college-level students the opportunity to apply what they're learning in traditional programming classes to practical, real-world situations. But you don't need to be a student to use them. The projects range in difficulty so that developers who are first starting out can learn something new in the beginner projects. Programmers will be challenged to stretch their abilities in the advanced projects, and intermediate developers can find mid-level projects to suit their skills.
New!  Building Solutions for MS Windows 2000 with Visual Basic - This MSDN Online tutorial course is designed to teach developers how to take advantage of new technologies in Windows 2000. Learn how to build applications that integrate with Active Directory, use Group Policies, maintain user preferences, install/uninstall cleanly and correctly, and an architectural overview of COM+. This course contains a variety of building blocks and tools to assist you in creating solutions for Windows 2000.
Building Solutions for Microsoft Windows 2000 with Visual C++ - This course is designed to teach developers how to take advantage of new technologies in Windows 2000. Learn how to build applications that integrate with Active Directory, use Group Policies, maintain user preferences, provide secure access to resources and data, install/uninstall cleanly and correctly, and can be certified for Windows. This course contains a variety of building blocks and tools to assist you in creating solutions for Windows 2000.
Windows 2000 - How It Works - These documents include excellent material and cover these Windows 2000 areas: architectural overviews, functional specifications, general usage information, and technical detail arranged by major service category.
FirstClass Systems - This training company offers over 30 free computer courseware modules for you to download and try free of charge.  Free course modules include: C Programming, Client-Server Systems Configuration Mangement, Data Warehousing Essentials, DB2 Application Programming, Introduction to Client-Server Architecture, Introduction to Objects, Object Oriented Analysis, and Unix Essentials. Also check out their goFCS online education store where you can freely study online selected modules of each course, including: Advanced and Basic Programming in Java, XML, HTML, SQL, C, and OOP C++; CICS; JCL Coding; Data Warehousing; and Project Management. These online courses typically cost $120 each for 4 months of full access.
DPEC Web Based Training: Technical Computer Courses - Take free courses, select from CGI/Perl, HTML, Oracle8, Computer Basics, SQL Server 6.5, and Windows NT 4.0. Click on the link that says 'Click Here for a Free Demo'.  Unlimited access to over 230 computer/technical courses for a whole year is $96. Here are more Free Courses from DPEC. Training4you is an affiliate site which offers free courses changing monthly, currently their 2 free courses are TCP/ IP Concepts and Cisco CCNA OSI Reference Model.
Learn@Your Pace - Offers a full free course in Core Java Language vol. 1 and you can also freely preview their other courses in these areas: COBOL, CORBA, Java vol. 2, MFC, Microsoft IDE, MVS. Their courses cost from $89 to $189. - It's your internet, profit from it. Get FREE ISP service with no banners or bars! Join a new cooperative online community that PAYS YOU. Join today. - Their Computer section offers over 40 Free computer related courses, including: Programming with C++, An Introduction to the Language of C, Understanding Visual Basic, Introduction to HTML; Computer Basics -Hardware; Bits and Bytes; Active Server Pages (ASP); Beginner's Guide to Java; Java Useful Tips & Tricks; Introduction to Java Swing; Simple DHTML, and PHP Script Basics. - Offers several Free web based training computer courses, including Introduction to Linux, Using Oracle8 SQL Plus, Java Programming 1, C++ Programming 1, HTML 4.0 Programming Level 1, and Client/Server Visual Basic 1. You can go right to their Registration Page and check off the Free courses you want to take. Their full technical library (30+ bundles and 165+ courses) costs $325 for full, unlimited access for one year. You can also review and study the Free demo courses at, which include C++ Programming 2 and Client-Server Visual Basic 2. - Free Business, Computer, and Certification Tutorials, including: A+ Certification Core Tutorial: A+ is a certification program designed to ensure its certified experts have the critical thinking and industry knowledge necessary to be computer technicians; Network+ Certification Tutorial: A tutorial teaching the requirements for the Network+ Certification exams; and Introduction to LInux. New courses include i-Net+ Certification, Red Hat Linux, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Flash 4.0. - Free Certification Practice Exams: A+ Certification Core Exam: Practice for the A+ Certification Core exam; A+ Certification DOS/Windows Exam: The second test in the series needed to pass the A+ Certification exams; Network+ Certification Exam: A networking certification from CompTIA; Linux Certification Exam: Practice Exam for Linux Certifications.
Mason Technologies - This site has many good resources and study materials (at this site and as links) for each of the following certifications: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Cisco Systems (CCNA), CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and Novell (CNA).
   - Mason Tech A+ Study Guide    - Another A+ Study Guide
   - Mason Tech CCNA Study Guide : Complete Study Guide mapped to the objectives of the CCNA Exam.
   - A 2nd CCNA Study Guide    - A 3rd CCNA Study Guide
   - CNA Exam Study Guide 4.11 : Study guide for exam 613
IT Tutor 2000: Free MCSE and MCSD Training -  The best Free training resources for Microsoft certifications. Offers a complete exam testing interface along with an integrated course reader. All questions have been written by Microsoft Certified Trainers and have been designed to teach the core knowledge required to understand a technology and pass the exam. Download or study online. Areas covered include: MCSE Networking Essentials, NT Core & in the Enterprise Training, Windows 2000 Training, TCP/IP for NT Training, NT Administration Training, and Exchange 5.5 Training. Also contains other free courses and resources.
New! - A brand-new site that will help to prepare you for your Windows 2000 MCSE exams. All the exams on are 100% Free and will assist you in learning the product while getting ready for your test day.
MCSE Guide - At this site you can get braindumps of the certification exams, free samples tests, and study guides for Windows NT 4, Networking Essentials, Exchange 5.5 Administration, Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0, TCP/IP, Windows 2000, Cisco, A+, Network+, Novell, and Linux.
MC MCSE - Provides extensive certification information and prep materials for MCSE, A+, Network+ and Cisco certifications for the very low price of $0. These materials include study guides, practice tests and more - all the free tools you need to pass the MCSE, CompTIA and Cisco exams. Their Tech Tutorials section contains hosted content and links to over 800 free computer/networking related tutorials and whitepapers. - Study guides and notes, practice exams, discussion forums, and links for these certifications: MCSE, CCNA, A+, Network+, I-Net+, and CNE.
Free Practice Exams - Free practice exams in Networking Essentials, NT Server 4.0, Exchange Server 5.5, TCP/IP 4.0, Proxy Server 2.0, CompTIA Network+, and Cisco CCNA.'s Free Practice Quizes - Free CCNA, MCSD, Windows NT Workstation, and OSI model practice quizes.
CCNA Braindumps & Notes - Free Cisco CCNA Study Guides and Braindumps, Study Notes, and CCNA Links.
Free Cisco Practice Tests from - Free, 25 question practice exams for all Cisco certifications. Name of Cisco exam and quantity of free practice tests offered: CCNA ( 3), CCNP/CCDP ACRC (3), CCNP/CCDP CLSC (3), CCNP/CCDP CIT (2), CCDA (3), and CCIE (2).
Cisco Interactive Mentor - Cisco Interactive Mentor offers a comprehensive suite of knowledge transfer products that provide Cisco best practices for networking configuration and troubleshooting through the use of interactive, Java-based network simulations. A Free demo CD is available from Cisco. Order yours today by clicking on the link near the bottom of the page. Also, check out these Free E-Learning Demos from Cisco.
Brainbench Certifications - Take many of their computer IT assessment tests for free. Demonstrate your skills by earning one or more Brainbench Certifications, you may get noticed more by top employers and could even earn more. They are starting to charge money for some of their certs. - Read and study 8 lessons from 8 of their technical coursewares. They are (in pdf format): Ecommerce Lesson 2: Web Storefront, HTML Lesson 4: Hyperlinks, Internet Management Lesson 6: Site Statistics, Internetworking Lesson 6: SNMP, Java Lesson 6: Classes and Objects, Javascript Lesson 4: Controlling Program Flow, Network Security Lesson 9: Detecting Crackers, and Site Design Lesson 38: Website Publishing.
Test Drive NETg Course - Try a sample of NETg's industry-leading Skill Builder courses - features include preassessments, audio narration, true simulated applications, and post-assessment with review. Free courses are: Microsoft Windows 2000 New Features; Microsoft SQL Server 7.0: Implementing a Database - Part 1; and Microsoft Outlook 2000 Proficient User.
International Seminar on Establishing & Running Large Scale Internet Based Services - Occured on November 16-30, 1999 Netanya Academic College, Israel. Here is the Course Main Page. It is mainly based on internet documents and lecture notes, much effort has been put into making all documents have uniform feel and look. Covers both Linux and Windows NT. The Linux Networking Documents are a large database of internet documents for learning and setting Linux network services, it attempts to cover almost all aspects of Linux Networking issues
1999 ICTP Workshop on Web Enabling: Technologies & Authoring Tools - Workshops that teach you the basic tools to put information on the Web and to introduce you to some of the recent computer internet and programming developments.
Local cache to slides and notes from some of the workshops:
  - HTML 4.01 Basics, by F. Postogna   - HTTP Protocol: The Web Protocol, by G. Pastore
  - Introduction to Linux Operating System, by F. Postogna and C. Benvenuti
  - Linux O.S.: System Admin. & Networking Basics by F. Postogna
  - Computer Networking Basics Workshop, by C. Fonda.
Mind Refresh -  A unique program that helps you remember all types of information and prepare for any test or certification. It is free to try for 200 questions, 50 each for MS Network, Netware 3.x to 4.x Upgrade, and Cisco Routers. After that the cost is about 10 cents per question, Novell: 245 questions for $24.95, Cisco: 300 questions for $29.90.
FrontSource Online Courses -  The complete computer-learning center for advanced and novice computer application developers. Their Inter@ctive Tutors give you the key to quick, hands-on learning to a variety of languages and software. Topics include: Web Programming (11), CGI (4), HTML (6), Intranets (4), Java (4), JavaScript (4), Linux (1), Oracle (2), Perl (7), TCP / IP (4), Unix (1), Visual Basic (5), Visual C++ (3), and Windows NT (6).
TechOnline's Free Courses and Lectures - Their brief, focused lectures take 20-40 minutes, while their courses are robust learning activities that have multiple parts and typically take 1-3 hours to complete. These are the topic areas: Audio / Video Processing, Communications, Data Acquisition, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network Computing, Input - Output (IO) Subsystem Design, Microprocessors, Networking, Operating Systems, Portable and Mobile Systems, Real Time Operations and System Design, Simulation, System Theory, and Wireless System Design. Free Registration required.
For more free books visit our New Free Computer & IT Books Page.
Documentation For SysAdmins And Webmasters - Free IT Books and Tutorials covering the Internet, Web Design, Construction, and Publishing, Perl, Java, Databases, Image Processing, Networks, Unix, Netware, and Microsoft. - This site has many Free Books in these categories: CGI , DBMS, HTML, Java, Javascript, Oracle, Perl, Security, Sed and Awk, Unix, and X11.
InformIT's Free Technical Library - Another great free online library of computer and technical books, covering all areas of information technology. Free registration is required. Subject areas include: Database, Networking, Programming, Web Technologies, Creative, Hardware, Operating Systems, and Using the Internet/Web.
Free E-Books from - 300+ Free Books in these categories: ActiveX, Apache, ASP, Assembly, Back Office, C, C++, CGI, Cisco, Cobol, Corba, Delphi, HTML, InterDev, Internet Information Server, Java, JavaScript, Linux, Microsoft Foundation Classes, Microsoft Office, Networking, OpenGL, Oracle, Perl, Photoshop, PHP, Samba, Security, ShockWave, SQL, TCL/TK, TCP/IP, Unix, VB Script, Visual Basic, VRML, Web Design, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows NT. They also have several Free IT Books in their E-Book Library and 4 Free Books in their Java Reference Libary, including Java in a Nutshell and Java Fundamental Classes Reference. They also have 6 Free computer networking books in their Networking Bookshelf, including Building Internet Firewalls and Practical Unix and Internet Security.
Windows IT Library - A free online technical reference library of books on a variety of topics for the professional. Most of the titles aren't new releases, but still make great reading on your lunch break or downtime. As a bonus, the site features comprehensive book reviews of newly released titles from a variety of publishers.
Free Online IT Books at - Many Online IT and computer-related Books, covering subjects such as web programming, web database programming, Javascript, Java, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, HTML, CGI, Oracle, Perl, MS SQL Server, Linux, and Unix.
Computer Online Books - These free computer related online books cover these areas: Microsoft Office; Lotus Notes; Network Administration: TCP/IP, NFS, NIS+ and DNS, Mail Administration, Solaris, System Administration; Programming: Java, Javascript, HTML, CGI, Perl5; Internet & Intranet: Upgrading and Repairing Networks, S.E. Using MS BackOffice, BackOffice Intranet Kit, S.E. Using SQL Server 6.5, S.E. Using Microsoft Exchange Server; and Operating Systems: S.E. Using Windows NT Server 4, Red Hat Linux Unleashed. - Click on 'Free Books' to browse and download computer books from their Free Book Section. Sells digital versions of many Information Technology reference books, giving you a way to evaluate, purchase, and use them online. Free book categories are database, multimedia, operating platforms, programming, enterprise computing, and internet and web development.
IBM Redbooks Online - This is the source for finding complete redbooks and redbooks-in-progress on the web. You can view and download the complete contents of all their books online. Categories include: e-Business; Managing Servers Throughout the Enterprise; Business Intelligence; SAP R/3; Tivoli; Lotus; Netfinity and PC Server Software; Application Development; Transaction Processing and Data Management; Networking and Systems Management; IBM Enterprise Storage and Systems Management; RS/6000; AS/400; S/390. (You will need Acrobat Reader for these pdf files.)
Enterpain Yourself - Three sets of free libraries: Web Developer Library, O'Reilly Java Reference Library, and The Perl CD Bookshelf. The O'Reilly Web Developer Library contains: HTML: The Definitive Guide, CGI Programming on the World Wide Web, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Programming Perl, and Web Master in a Nutshell. The O'Reilly Java Reference Library contains: Java in a Nutshell, Java Language Reference, Java AWT Reference, Java Fundamental Classes Reference, and Exploring Java. The Perl CD Bookshelf contains: Perl in a Nutshell, Learning Perl, Learning Perl on Win32 Systems, Programming Perl, Advanced Perl Programming, and Perl Cookbook. Please, download books only from this FTP: Book of the Week Archive & Excerpts - Chapters from books which have been carefully chosen to be of great value. Some categories include programming, languages, commerce on the web, intranets, multimedia/animation, web and authoring tools.
Lions' Commentary on Unix : With Source Code (postscript format) - John Lions wrote his commentary on an early version of Unix as an Operating Systems text for his students in 1977 at the University of New South Wales, but was never permitted to have it published commercially. He died several weeks after the book was published on 12/5/98. This book is cherished by Unix hackers and widely circulated as a photocopied bootleg document since the late 1970's, is finally available in an unrestricted edition. This legendary underground classic, reproduced without modification, is really two works in one: 1) the complete source code to an early version (Edition 6) of Unix, and 2) a brilliant commentary on that code by John Lions. The paperback is also available from for $29.95.
Object-Oriented System Development - by Dennis de Champeaux, Douglas Lea, and Penelope Faure. This book is intended to help the reader better understand the role of analysis and design in the object-oriented software development process. Some exercises ask you to operationalize the concepts in this book, others are quick ``thought questions'' that may lead you into territory that we have not explored. 
Thinking in Java, Thinking in Java, revised with JDK 2 code, and Thinking in C++ - These books by Bruce Eckel are excellent to learn and study from. They are targeted for intermediate and advanced programmers in Java and C++. Here is Thinking in Java in MS Word format (1.83 MB).
Who's Afraid of C++? - Is this book for you? If you're a programmer in a language other than C++, and want to upgrade your skills, then the answer is yes. But what if you have no previous programming experience? In that case, here's a little quiz that may help you decide: Do you want to know how the programs in your computer work inside, and how to write some of your own? Are you willing to exert yourself mentally to learn a complex technical subject? Do you have a sense of humor? If you've answered yes to these questions and follow through with the effort required, then you will get a lot out of this book. By Steve Heller.
Java Book Series - Sun Microsystems brings you the Java Series, published by Addison-Wesley Longman. This is their authorized series of books on the Java 2 Platform and APIs, directly from those creating the technology. The books are cutting edge, they're accurate, and they're critically acclaimed. Free books include: The Java Tutorial, The Java Tutorial Continued, The JFC Swing Tutorial, The Java Language Specification, The Java Virtual Machine Specification, The Java 3D Specification, and Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines.
A Java GUI Programmer's Primer - This book contains an introduction to the systematic development of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) using the Java environment. The reader should have some familiarity with Object Oriented Development (OOD) and its practical expression in Java.
Introduction to Programming Using Java Version 3.0 - This is a Free Online Textbook using Java as the language of instruction, written by David J. Eck. This text has more than enough material for a one-semester course, and it also suitable for individuals who want to learn programming on their own. This is the third edition of the text and it covers more material and has more examples than the second edition. It also adds end-of-chapter quizzes and solved programming exercises.
Mastering Enterprise Java Beans and the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition - This compressed, zip file is a Free electronic download for viewing Ed Roman's book, 'Mastering Enterprise Java Beans'. This book costs almost $50.00 at the bookstores, but is now available for free from This is a must have book for those learning and understanding EJBs. Here is the home page url for
The Developer's Guide to Understanding Enterprise JavaBeans 1.1 - This Free Guide is authored by Nova Laboratories, a leader in EJB education, is a comprehensive primer created for developers who want a technical introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans. It is not a tutorial on EJB, but rather a detailed overview of the EJB architecture and API which describes the various components and how they fit together. To receive it for free you are asked to send an email with the requested information. You will receive a web link to download the complete EJB Guide. You should register via email as they require. Once you do that you can download the guide from this link:
Securing Java: Getting Down to Business with Mobile Code - The authors, Gary McGraw, Edward W. Felten, hope that this book is both informative and useful. Making intelligent decisions regarding the use of Java (especially in business and other mission-critical systems) requires some knowledge of the current risks. Our goal is to disclose those risks-and countermeasures to curtail them-as clearly and objectively as possible. Armed with the knowledge that we present in this book, Java users, site managers, and business decision-makers can make better Java use policies. The paperback is available here.
A Javascript Authoring Guide - This guide covers all the areas of Javascript including a great reference section.
Oracle8i Documentation Library - This Oracle documentation covers the following:
- Oracle8i Generic Documentation Master Index, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle8i Server and Data Warehousing, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle8i Server Application Development, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle8i Server Networking and Security, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle8i Parallel Server, Release 8.1.6
- SQL*Plus, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle8i interMedia, Spatial, Time Series, and Visual Information Retrieval Options, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle8i Java Developer's Documentation, Release 8.1.6
- Oracle WebDB, Release 2.2
- On-Line Generic Documentation Installation and Usage Notes, Release 8.1.6
Computer Networking - A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet - This is an excellent training guide and tutorial book about computer networking with the internet technologies being covered in depth.
Two Free Online Training Course Books from - These 2 Free Course Books are complete, unabridged copies with all the images and information uses in its related seminars: NetWare Bootcamp by Michael L. Hader, and Understanding Networking Technologies by Clayton Coulter.
The Network Book - The Network Book aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to networking and distributed computing technologies. Unlike traditional textbooks, it pursues a top-down approach to the topic, starting with the application layer and then describing the transport and network layers, finally covering the physical layer. The Network Book also emphasizes hands-on approach to learning.
The Hardware Book - The Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions. Information about Connectors (Pinouts for connectors, buses etc.), Cables (how to build serial cables and many other cables), Adapters (how to build adapters), and Circuits (misc. circuits, active filters etc).
Object Oriented Perl Cyberdigest - A series of extracts from the book Object Oriented Perl, by D.M. Conway. The full paper is available in pdf and rtf formats.
PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts This book by Bruce Momjian is about PostgreSQL, which is most advanced open source database server. It provides an excellent overview of the system, covering a wide range of topics from the basics to the more advanced and unique features of PostgreSQL. It is easy to understand, full of practical tips, with numerous real life examples presented throughout the book. Also at this site are Documentation and Tutorials about PostgreSQL.


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